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Visit us during our monthly meeting at the LPPD Training Center the first Thursday of each month and complete an application. 

Although most volunteers are graduates of the Citizens Police Academy, we welcome anyone wishing to volunteer.  Pre-approval and pre-screening is required for those who are not CPA graduates. 

We have events of all types and need Volunteers for an hour, several hours or all day.  You choose!


Volunteer Hours Served  



2016: 3384.75   

2015: 5125.55

2014: 3917.25

2013: 4254

2012: 5419




Volunteer Opportunities & Events

La Porte is a VERY active place to be! All throughout the year there are many events and opportunities to volunteer your time and talents. You will enjoy the company of other dedicated people who want to make their community the best place to live, work and play. Come out and make some of the best friends you could ask for... and spend some time really making a difference!  While you are at it, check out our Calendar on this website to see where volunteers are currently needed. 

Your main point of contact for all LPCPAAA events is President, Sara Urich.

                       Volunteer Coordinator, Brenda Pritchard.


Citizen's Police Academy

The police department advertises within the community when a new Academy is accepting applications. Applications are then screened and confirmed eligible by the PD.  The President of the LPCPAAA attends the first class and is on the agenda for discussion, promotion, questions/answers, etc. with prospective CPAAA members. Current members assist the PD coordinator in various manners throughout the Academy. The President and members of the CPAAA attends the graduation to speak and remind graduates of their automatic membership into the LPCPAAA and benefits of volunteering.

Citizens On Patrol (C.O.P.)

The goal of the C.O.P program is to Observe and Report.  Once accepted into the program, members attend training on ticket writing, court procedures, and radio communications before beginning patrols. Training consists of a 3-hour classroom course following by a 3 hour vehicle patrol with a PAR officer or other certified C.O.P. member. 

Using the C.O.P. vehicle, members patrol the local community reporting potentially unsafe activity as well as document vehicles parked illegally in fire lanes and handicap spaces. Patrols also include the surveillance of street lights to ensure they are working properly.

General Qualifications for participation in the C.O.P Program:

Must be a “local/past” resident of the city, or its contiguous areas.

Be a graduate of the La Porte Citizens Police Academy.

Be a member in good standing of the LPCPAAA.

Successfully complete a 1.5-hour C.O.P. training class or CPA equivalent)

Successfully complete a 2 hr. certification ride-a-long with a current C.O.P. member.

Contact: Deb Hathorn, COP Coordinator at 281.842.3149

Ride-A-Long Program

CPA Graduates may request a ride-along with a LP  police officer assigned to patrol duties, or accompany other sworn officers of the LP Police Department in the performance of their work activities.

Animal Adoption Shelter

Graduates of the Basic and/or Advanced CPA are eligible to volunteer at the new local Animal Shelter located on Spencer Highway. Volunteers will staff the front desk and assist with final application and photo opportunity of new animal parents.


Harris County leads the nation in drunk driving fatalities. One way that Harris County is responding to this devastating phenomenon is through No Refusal enforcement weekends. The No Refusal program is an enforcement strategy that allows jurisdictions to obtain search warrants for blood samples from suspected impaired drivers who refuse breath or blood tests. During these specified enforcement efforts, prosecutors and judges work throughout the night to streamline the warrant acquisition process in order to obtain blood draw warrants.

When a weekend is scheduled in the La Porte area, LPCPAAA Volunteers ensure that the officers, court and blood draw personnel have enough food, snacks and drinks on hand throughout the night to keep them going. After the first meals are served, many of the volunteers then conduct a ride-a-long with officers to observe first hand the actions of suspected impaired drivers.

Warrant Roundup

Perhaps you have seen on TV or read in the papers about statewide Warrant Roundups for all outstanding warrants. Our members participate in these by making phone calls one week prior to the roundup offering citizens the opportunity to pay their outstanding fines and avoid being arrested during the roundup. All calls are made from the PD with officer assistance available, and members go through a short training sessions prior to being allowed to participate in this program.

For you new graduates, don't let this intimidate you.  We are the good guys letting them know there is an outstanding warrant for them and encouraging them to take care of them before the police show up at their door or job and ends up costing them even more money.

Chief's Annual Survey

Over the course of a few days our members participate in the survey by phoning citizens across La Porte. All calls are made from the PD with officer assistance available, and members go through a short training sessions prior to being allowed to participate in this program. The results of the survey allow the PD to determine citizen satisfaction with their services.

Sylvan Beach Parade & Festival

Members participate in this annual parade and festival,  providing barricade patrol, and staffing the LPCPAAA/LPPD informational booths. 

Trash Bash

Members visit local parks and clear the area of trash to ensure a safe and clean area for the community.

Community Education

La Porte offers many exciting events throughout the year. These events provide volunteers an opportunity to educate the public on a variety of police related topics such as the DARE program, child id kits, safety programs, and much more. If you enjoy meeting the public and encouraging folks to join the alumni, learn more about their community and give back - this program is for you. Opportunities to volunteer vary depending on each event. Check back frequently at this website for schedules.

Special Event Barricade Duty

Throughout the year La Porte is the host city for many special events such as the Sylvan Beach Parade, Triathlons, 5K Runs, Christmas on Main St., etc...Volunteers participating in these events can expect to wear a vest and radio as they interact with the public in offering alternate means of reaching their destination during and event.


If you enjoy looking to the skies you might enjoy becoming one of our many volunteer SKYWARN Trackers. Volunteers are trained by the National Weather Service to scan the skies during severe weather and relay reports back to their Local Emergency Management Official and/or the National Weather Service (NWS). The only requirement to become a Tracker is to attend a class.  After the class, the weather predicts the rest. Classes are held at random times throughout the year and information is posted on this website.

Dispatch Window Greeter

Want a different point of view on police work? Eligible members interact with citizens approaching the dispatch window for police related business or inquiries. Following a brief training session, greeters may request to be assigned to the window at any time day or night. Only members/volunteers in good standing with the police department and who have completed the NCIC/TCIC training (offered during CPA classes) are eligible for this position. This is a great learning experience for volunteers and another reason for signing up for a CPA Class!

Wally Wise Guy Program

As needed, in coordination with the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) , CPAAA members practice and then deliver a fifteen-minute safety presentation to elementary children.  Children are educated on the Shelter-in-Place process in the event a chemical emergency occurs.  For one lucky member there is an opportunity to  wear the Wally suit during the presentations. In return, the LEPC makes a generous donation to the LPCPAAA. Here's more info on the Wally Wise Guy Program...

National Night Out

CPAAA members participate in the National Night Out program by riding along with officers to neighborhoods and promoting the Citizen Police Academy. Members also participate in the Open House of the PD during this night by performing tours of the station, manning an educational booth, reception duties, photographing events and assisting with traffic.

Market Days - Five Points

The event takes place on the first Saturday of each month and runs from early morning to midafternoon. Here is a chance to encourage citizens to take a CPA Class and join the LPCPAAA while you assist with animal rescues. Be sure and stop by the market booths and check out the fruit, veggies and other items offered by creative craftsmen.

Blue Santa Annual Fundraiser Garage Sale

The event takes place once a year at the LPPD and includes a prep day on Friday to clean, sort, and tag items donated by volunteers, officers, businesses and citizens. On Saturday the volunteers man the tables and assist customers in purchasing items. Following the event, remaining items are donated to a local charity. 

La Porte Air & Car Show

The event takes place on the first Saturday of October and runs from early morning to midafternoon. Volunteers staff our LPCPAAA booth and encourage participants to join a CPA class and become a member of the LPCPAAA. 

LeadsOnline Program

LeadsOnline is the link between investigators and missing items or individuals who may turn out to be instrumental in solving a homicide, finding a meth lab, or getting stolen property back to its rightful owner. Officers collect the pawn tickets and return them to a team of volunteers who then input the data. 

Baytown Special Olympics

When requested, volunteers provide whatever assistance is needed to make a weekend event run smoothly.  Typically, we are assigned to barricade patrol but many other opportunities may arise.

La Porte Police Officers Association Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Tee off!  Each year in October the LPCPAAA staffs a table and sells Mulligans prior to the 1:30PM Shotgun Start.  Volunteers may also be asked to assist with other needs over the course of the day.

Man Down Program

A new program aimed at assisting officers injured or unable to handle the task of mowing their yard.  After approval by the officer, volunteers visit the home once a week to mow and edge. 

Neighborhood Center

Members join forces with the designated PAR representative to assist with the support of needs associated with the Neighborhood Center.

Christmas On Main Street

Members host a CPAAA booth to share information and encourage participation in the LPCPAAA. Volunteers distribute brochures, coloring pages and offer assistance to participants of the event. A member also suits up as Blue Santa to provide photo opportunities to visiting families. 

Blue Santa

The CPAAA acts as the department's agent in handling funds for its Blue Santa program. The PD is responsible for coordination of the program along with others from the department, schools, local businesses, and other organizations. The CPAAA contributes with fundraising and the purchase, wrapping, and sorting of toys. We also participate in the toy distribution at the LP Neighborhood Center and provide a Blue Santa to welcome families at the event. Visit our Blue Santa Page for all the details.

Children’s Fingerprinting Program

The CPAAA members set up and offer free fingerprinting at various community events throughout the year to all children under the age of 12 years. Parents of each child recieve a booklet containing that child’s fingerprints for their safekeeping. Members are trained in fingerprinting prior to serving on this project.

DARE & Youth Summer Safety Camps

Throughout each summer the City of La Porte and LPPD offer a variety of youth camps ranging from one day to a full week.  Volunteers assist in registering participants, organizing and keeping youth on task throughout the days.  A variety of assignments are available ranging from registration, assisting with lunch, guiding youth from one event to the next and helping with bike camp.

LP Health & Safety Fair

During this annual event volunteers staff our LPCPAAA booth to encourage citizens to join and participate in the Citizens Police Academy and Alumni.  At times we may also assist the LEPC as needed throughout the day. 



Advanced Citizen's Police Academy (ACPA) 

Graduates of the Basic CPA are eligible to participate in the Advanced CPA class.  The Advanced CPA classes expand further on topics related to the PD such as S.W.A.T., weather tracking, fire suppression, traffic stop processes, crime scene investigation and more.  New in 2014, the class will include a course on Citizens On Patrol (C.O.P.). Graduates of the Advanced class qualify to act as role play participants during future Basic and Advanced classes.  Like the Basic class, graduates automatically become honorary members of the LPCPAAA and are eligible to join the C.O.P. once considered a member-in-good-standing.


Garage Sale

The LPCPAAA holds an annual garage sale at the station of the LPPD each Spring. The LPPD permits items donated for the garage sale to be placed on display in the LPPD training center. The LPCPAAA sorts, organizes, and prices items prior to the sale, and holds the sale on the third Saturday in April. All advertising, promotion, etc. is done by the members. Proceeds from the sale benefit various programs supported by the LPCPAAA.

Animal Shelter Dog Houses

The LPCPAAA helps support the vaccination and registration process for rescued animals by placing small donation dog houses at local restaurants and other businesses. Members volunteer to adopt a dog house and manage placement and collection of donations each month.  Donations are then delivered to the LPCAAA during our monthly meeting.  The houses were specially created and constructed by two of our very own volunteers! More info...

We currently have Donation Dog Houses ready for placement at any local business.  The houses are small collection boxes decorated to imitate a dog house and each carries with it a name such as "Fido" to encourage patrons to donate. 

Please contact Sara Urich if you would like to give "Fido" a home.