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Click here to see the ENTIRE PHOTO GALLERY

Click here to see the ENTIRE PHOTO GALLERY


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2016: 3384.75   

2015: 5125.55

2014: 3917.25

2013: 4254

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Refer to CALENDAR (above right tab) for a list of currently scheduled events. A full list of Volunteer Opportunities is available above as well.  Simply click on the link above to view all known events scheduled throughout the year. As other events become available we will post them on our Facebook page or via email to members.

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La Porte Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association

Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization

This site summarizes many of our annual organizational activities for anyone interested in learning more about volunteering to support the La Porte Police Department and City of La Porte.  

To stay current on all upcoming volunteer opportunities or events, please visit our Facebook page or attend monthly meetings at the LPPD on the FIRST THURSDAY of each month in the Training Center. Meetings start at 6:30PM Anyone interested in Volunteering or becoming a member of the LPCPAAA is welcome. 

We hope you consider joining the LPCPAAA as there are many additional events and activities available for members. See you at next month's meeting!



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Annual Recognition Banquet - December

***Immediately following the meeting volunteers will have an opportunity to help wrap Blue Santa Toy Donation Boxes***



All Basic & Advanced Graduates are eligible to attend C.O.P. Certification

The classroom session introduces graduates to the C.O.P. Program policies and procedures. Following the session, interested will be provided with an application for admission into the program. Once approved, phase II, the COP patrol ride-a-long will be scheduled to finalize the certification process.

Classes in 2019 will take place in the spring and fall following the Basic and Advanced CPA Classes. Check back here for more details as those dates near.

Make plans to attend the next class and help us keep the wheels of our Citizens On Patrol vehicle rolling across the community!

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GRAND OPENING ~ LPPD Neighborhood Center

The Grand Opening for the La Porte Police Department Neighborhood Center on Saturday, February 17, 2018 was a huge success! Over forty residents, city officials, volunteers and curious on-lookers enjoyed hot dogs and refreshments while Chief Adcox shared the purpose behind establishing the LPPD Neighborhood Center at Delta Court Apartments, 3101 S. Broadway Apt. #1, La Porte, Texas. In addition, Adcox expressed appreciation to owner, Claus Nielson for partnering with the LPPD to build a safer area for residents.  By generously donating the rent-free apartment for a trial period of six months it is the hope of all involved that stronger community ties can be built between residents and the LPPD.  

The primary purpose of the Neighborhood Center is to increase police presence and provide a venue for the police and community members to work proactively together in an effort to improve the level of safety and quality of life around the City of La Porte’s South Broadway neighborhood. The Neighborhood Center hours of operation to the public will largely be during normal Monday-Friday business hours. With a desk located in the same center, LPCPAAA Volunteers of the Citizens On Patrol program will be stopping by as well during their patrols across the city.



PAR Officer Anthony Bish LPPD’s District 1 PAR Officer will be assigned to the center. Bish has more than 11 years of law enforcement experience and holds an Advanced Peace Officer Certificate. He has worked assignments in patrol and criminal investigations before being assigned to the department’s Support Services Division.




The La Porte Blue Santa Program began in 2011 when the La Porte Police Department teamed up with City and Local Businesses and Volunteers of the La Porte Citizens Police Academy to distribute toy donation boxes around town. After the Neighborhood Center closed in 2014 the First Baptist Church of La Porte graciously stepped up to provide a location and volunteers to handle registration. Each year since, the program has been able to provide toys for almost 1000 children in La Porte and the surrounding areas.

Throughout the year LPCPAAA volunteers work hard providing services, arranging for donations and collection boxes until it is time to collect the toys. Wrapping sessions take place over the course of a week until Blue Santa arrives on scene to hear all the children's wishes while LPCPAAA Volunteers distribute toys. Nothing quite tops hearing and seeing all the twinkling eyes, huge smiles and hugs of appreciation by the children and their family members. 


Annually, Blue Santa Toy Donation Boxes are stationed all around town and through generous donations by the following businesses and their customers. 2018 donations were no different as the toys magically appeared! On behalf of the recipient families and the City of La Porte, our sincere thanks to each and every individual and business that make this program possible each year!    


AMECCO                                      HELTEX

King's BBQ (both locations)           El Ranchero 

LP Fitness Center                          City Hall

Wells Fargo                                   LP Police Department (in the Lobby)

Kroger                                         Martin Marine of La Porte, Tx

Beacon FCU                                  La Porte Police Officers "No Beard" Program

Brewingz                                       Shell FCU

La Porte EMS - Spencer Hwy           Baker 6th Grade

LP Animal Shelter                          La Porte Airport

La Porte Chiropractor Office (next to Ed Jones)

First Assembly of God Church (Across from LPHS on Fairmont)

Mainly Drinks                                  Pierce CPA

S&S Investigations (W. Main St.)    Harvey & Rihn Aviation 

Heritage Park Elementary               Walmart (East Blvd.)

LP Boys Baseball Association           First Baptist Church of LP

We can not express enough how VERY THANKFUL we are to each and every corporation, person, group, school, business, volunteer and others who helped make this year another huge success! Without the giving nature of this community it would be impossible to bring so many smiles and warm so many hearts of the youth.

Follow us on Facebook to find out where Blue Santa will make appearances and learn more about the annual Blue Santa program! Registration for the 2019 program will be announced in November and announced through Facebook and the First Baptist Church as well as school handouts.



Blue Santa Photos available via our Facebook page.

Volunteers of the La Porte Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association



Take a voyage around our website to learn more about all the excitement of being a LPCPAAA Volunteer!  Check out the Media Reports for current and past news about community and Police related activities.  View our Photo Gallery to actually see what goes on at many of our events and activities. Explore the Newsletters and learn more about what we're all about, what we do, when we do it, and how we go about making this organization one of the best CPA Alumni's in the State of Texas!  Consider joining the fun by completing an application to attend the next CPA Class and then join the Alumni to continue your volunteerism.  There is something for everyone and we'd love to have you on our team!

Citizens Police Academy Classes

Classes take place twice a year and are held at the LP Police Department Training Center each Tuesday at 6:30pm located at 3001 N 23rd St La Porte, TX (corner of Spencer & 23rd).

The ultimate mission and primary focus of the CPA is to bring the Police Department and the community closer together by educating one another.  The Department believe that the goal of establishing a safer community can best be achieved if the police and the community make a positive connection with one another.  In short, the La Porte Citizen Police Academy is a community awareness program geared toward a partnership between the police department and the citizens they serve.

The academy is scheduled for 14 consecutive Tuesday nights, from 6:30pm until 9:00pm. The classes are taught by the City of La Porte Police Department employees, most are certified police officers of various ranks; others are civilian employees in the specialty fields that will be covered during the training sessions. The classes do have some hands on type training as well as demonstrations and instructional. Past classes have included information on S.W.AT., K-9 division, Department of Traffic, gun safety, court procedures, dispatch procedures, and much more.

Upon graduation, students become eligible to join the Citizens On Patrol program (C.O.P.), conducting patrols across the city to observe and report a variety of issues. In addition, students are encouraged to join the LPCPAAA and assist the LPPD in a multitude of duties and assignments.

If you live, work or even pass through La Porte, you are eligible to attend classes. An Application and approval is required prior to attending the Basic class. 

Contact Officer Anthony Bish in Support Services at 281-471-2141 for more details.



On August 14th, 2014 the La Porte Police Department welcomed a select set of young citizens into their family of community servants.  LPPD’s original 2014 Explorer Academy was held from August 11th through the 14th,  and participants were exposed to a multitude of police-related activities.  Graduates included: Corby Alexander, Will Davis, Isaiah Escobar, Noah Gonzales, Matthew Guyon, Nicholas Guyon, Chris Melton, Daniel Snell, and Joshua Zech.  The newly graduated group now joins many other young men and women from the La Porte community in their ongoing examination of the law enforcement profession.

Exploring is a program designed by Learning for Life (a sub-division of the Boy Scouts of America) for young adults, both male and female, ages 14 (and completed 8th grade) to 20 that share an attraction to a specific career such as law enforcement. Many different law enforcement agencies sponsor explorer programs in the eduation of participants to become future law enforcement officers or to have a career in law enforcement. The program provides an ideal link between the academic environment and the real world.

Explorer Students benefit in the areas of:  character development, building self-confidence, establishing leadership skills, ongoing social development, unique career experiences, networking & internships, volunteer & community service opportunities, and recognition of the value surrounding group collaboration and teamwork.With their current graduation and certification, the new Youth Explorers may also participate in the Patrol Ride-Along Program upon obtaining permission from their legal guardians. 

For questions concerning either of La Porte’s Youth Explorer Post, please contact the Support Services Division at 281-842-3183, or log onto the department’s website at  Article by John Krueger, LPPD


2017 LPCPAAA Board 

Please join us in congratulating the 2014 LPCPAAA Board:

President:  Sara Urich                                    1VP:  Gary Tandy

2VP: Deb Hathorn                                           Treasurer:  Vicky Copley

Secretary:  Riley Pritchard


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As a member of the LPCPAAA you will enjoy the benefits of volunteerism and join a group of dedicated individuals. The effort put forth by the LPCAAA and their associates is a proven success and serves as an example of the level of service we all should strive for. For more information on LPCAAA, or any of their other community outreach activities, please contact LPCPAAA President, Brenda Pritchard.

Click Here for an application to apply for membership or to renew your membership for the current year. No person shall be denied membership in this association because of race, religion, sex, disability, or ethnic background.

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