Volunteer Hours
Served in 2017:



2016:   3384.75   

2015:   5125.55

2014:   3917.25

2013:   4254

2012:   5419



Calendar of Events


A full list of Volunteer activities is available via the link Volunteer Opportunities.  Simply click on the link above to view all known events scheduled throughout the year. As other events become available we will post them on our Facebook page or via email to members.

To Volunteer - Contact BRENDA PRITCHARD

PritchardB@laportetx.gov with the name of the event, your name and contact information.






LPCPA Scrapbook


A Memory Book of newspaper articles, photos and other LPCPA memorabilia has been created! It is kept in the Volunteer Office and available to all. This a good time to ask that you share any photos you may want to be included in the book.   

ACTION ITEM: Email photos to Editor or drop them by the volunteer office and we will return them after scanning. Be sure you add your name and phone number on the back of each photo.


We are preparing more information for this page so you will be able to view all sorts of photos, stories, newspaper articles... just tons of stuff! And, are we excited about it! If you have anything you'd like to share about LPCPA, please contact us!