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2016: 3384.75   

2015: 5125.55

2014: 3917.25

2013: 4254

2012: 5419




LP Animal Shelter~Adopt A Rescue!

The City of La Porte’s Animal Adoption Center and Shelter is located at 10901 Spencer Highway. 

The 4000 square foot Adoption Center features an improved playground for dogs to interact and rest, as well an expansive cat condo where resident cats can play and be openly viewed by visitors considering cat adoption. The Center provides the perfect atmosphere for recovery and rehabilitation, as many of the animals make the transition from lives of hardship to being cherished members of a loving family. All of this, while promoting each animal’s physical, psychological, and social wellbeing.  In short, the enriched Adoption Center has been specifically designed to supply a nurturing temporary home for lost, abandoned, or abused animals, while providing a highly visible location and inviting environment that will attract a higher number of prospective pet adopters. 

Those interested in obtaining more information relating to the Animal Adoption Center should contact the La Porte Animal Control Supervisor, Clarence Anderson, at 281-471-3700.

The new facility’s focus is strongly on animal adoption and placement and thanks to continued support from the members of City Council, the City of La Porte has been able to be able to more than triple the animal adoption rate since opening and thereby provide better homes for the animals. 

If you happen to adopt a new fur-baby and need a place to let it exercise, stop by the LP Dog Park located at Little Cedar Bayou Park  (behind the Wave Pool) 600 Little Cedar Bayou Dr. at the baseball park.

Don't have time to stop by in person? You can view current postings of rescue animals on Facebook at City Of La Porte Adoption Center & Animal Shelter.

"Fido" Donation Boxes Support Animal Shelter

What can we say! We just have a special love for the animals! We have been raising funds for vaccinations and other care for the cats, dogs and other creatures taken into the shelter for quite some time. We are happy to have raised over $6,500 for their care.

PLEASE HELP! Look for these little "Fido" Donation Banks in businesses around La Porte. They are the efforts of the LPCPA Volunteers to raise some additional funds for the La Porte Animal Shelter. 100% of the money donated goes to provide vaccinations for all cats & dogs who come through the shelter... making life better for them and safer for the community.

When you see these donation spots, please give... and thank the merchants who provide the space for them.


ORIGINAL TOP DOGS: With love and a whole bunch of creativity, volunteer team duo, Rusty & Sandi Paulus spent hours building and adding unique flashy symbols to attract animal lovers. Without their selfless efforts and time, we couldn't do our part to help the rescues. The boxes were so well built we are still using them over 5 years later.

2017-18~Blanca and Olga, two dedicated volunteers have taken on the task of placing the "Fido" boxes at various businesses across town. They are our TOP DOGS for 2017!

2012 TOP DOG: Big time thanks to LPCPAAA volunteer Michel Bechtel for his efforts to help the shelter animals. Michel earns the TOP DOG Award for 2012 for the highest level of donations for the year.

We'd also like to thank LPCPAAA volunteer Norma Elliott for handling our #2 donation spot for the last few months. We are so grateful to her work on behalf of animals.

If you are interested in adopting one of our "Fido" doghouses please contact: LPCPAAA Volunteers at 281-842-3149 (leave a message and a volunteer will return your call) or use our Contact Us form on this website.


Officer Kyle Jones Stops Traffic In The Rain To Help Lost Dog

In February 2016, the LPCPAAA received a call from the LPPD about a caller from Virginia. She wanted to make a donation to the LP Animal Shelter in honor of LPPD Officer Kyle Jones. Nancy Cahill wrote this note to LPCPAAA volunteers:
"I saw the story of Officer Jones' dog rescue on Huffingtonpost.com. I have four dogs and five cats -- all rescued from bad environments here in Virginia.  Sometimes it's just overwhelming to think how many homeless, neglected, and abused animals there are -- then along come folks like Officer Jones... and the day gets a little brighter. To reiterate what I wrote to the La Porte Police Department, it takes a real man to be kind to animals.  Officer Jones, you are a real man!" 
Nancy Cahill
Woodbridge, VA 
The Huffington Post article published an article and a video was shared on KHOU Channel 11 in Houston.

On behalf of the LPCPAAA, the appreciative citizens of La Porte, and pet lovers everywhere, BIG thanks go out to Nancy, who loves animals wherever they are. And thank you, Officer Jones, for your fine example to the world.