Volunteer Hours
Served in 2017:



2016:   3384.75   

2015:   5125.55

2014:   3917.25

2013:   4254

2012:   5419




We would like to gratefully acknowledge the sponsorship provided by the following businesses and individuals. Without generous donations from these fine folks the La Porte Police Department and Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (LPCPAAA) would find it impossible to continue to enhance the community through our many activities such as Blue Santa and many other programs represented on our website.

We wish each of you good health and continued success in your endeavors.

King's BBQ - La Porte



Kroger La Porte - Fairmont

Gringo's Mexican Kitchen

Mesquite Grill & Taco Factory

Vesco Business Products & Office Furniture

Joe Hambrick,III - State Farm Insurance

Discount Tires

Food Fair

Tony's BBQ

Sonic - N. Main

Spotless Deluxe Hand Carwash - Spencer Hwy.

BP Chemical

Texas City Fabric of America and Deniese Guerrero

Chuck Coupland - DARE Car Graphics     

El Ranchero

Mainly Drinks


Taco Bell @Fairmont

Spencer Mini Storage

Walmart @Deer Park

LP Fire Dept. - Explorers Donation


LPCPAAA Members who Donate... going above and beyond

Our volunteers are the best! Not only do they volunteer to assist at the many events and activities throughout the year, but they are also awesome bakers and cooks. Whether it means bringing a yummy dessert for a meeting, providing a location or lunch for a summer picnic, or serving up a full-course breakfast for a regional meeting, these great people step up to the cause. Many have also contributed by donating gift cards, door prizes and other monetary contributions to several of our causes.

As is often heard and very much heartfelt ~ YOU ROCK!!


Ken Rose                   Brenda Pritchard             Gwen Tilley                Paula Rizzuto     

Maggie Stout             Norma Elliott                   Michel Bechtel            Emma Zech

Paula Wohnoutka     Wanda Cummings           Richard Browder        Sandi Paulus      

Vicky Copely              Deb Hathorn                   Rusty Paulus              Phillip Ferguson    

Lyla DeSouza            Vicky Copley                    Robyn Gallion            Wanda Cummings

Gary Tandy                Liz Lainhart                     Warren Portenier       Wm. Dave Davis

Nettie Warren           Brenda Pritchard              Chris Copley              Casey Copley

Jeanne Zemanek       Richard Tilley                   Ramsas Macias           Virgina Chase

David Janda               Kevin Dorsey                   Felicitas Hernandez   Jose Hernandez

Debbie Janssen         Anja Zachrau                   Jana Zachrau             Doug Hathorn

Milissa Guyon            Aubry Sartori                    Dan Parker                 Shirley Rogers

Lois Tandy                 Debbie Parker                  Rocque Diamond